Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Note about my friends with wordpress blogs

I keep forgetting to tell
you all that those of you
who have wordpress blogs
I have been unable to comment on them
for months
and I am not ignoring you.
I had thought of doing a wordpress blog over a year ago
and now wordpress wants me to log in
via their site to comment
and not only would that not work
but I don't even know where my password would be.
So... if anyone knows how to fix this,
please let me know...


Victoria said...

blech. wordpress does the same to me. I can't sign in because I can't remember the password.
and I can't even comment on others wordpress blogs unless I use an outdated email, because my current email is already registered with them so the prompt is "password please"


DebD said...

Hmmm I don't know. I have my login auto on my computer so I've never had to request my login info. again. They don't have a place for that? I wonder why.

Victoria- now I know why you never responded to my email a million years ago --- okay, it was probably more like a few months ago :)

Athanasia said...

That is really weird. When I post, I am prompted for my gmail password. No solution here. You could send the support team an email and maybe they can direct you to a solution.

GretchenJoanna said...

Since I've been away from home I have twice wanted to comment on a Wordpress blog, and I had to log in, and hadn't brought the password with me, so I reset it once. It was very quick and easy: just click on "forgot password?" I wrote down my new password and lost it, too, so I had to get a third password. :-)