Sunday, July 29, 2012


Liturgy this morning.
Coffee hour.
Talked with a person in great grief.
It is so strange to be leaving my church;
I see so many people I could continue to get to know
and speak with.
But I am being called else where...
My friend and I got makeup for the wedding -
the same friend is going to do the makeup...
Talked to my spiritual father briefly about grief.
Part of my askesis right now is to
continue to bring my feelings and grief to Christ...
I am very tired.
Just so much to do.
I am glad that I will be seeing my Orthoman
a week Tuesday.
But boy do I have a lot to do before then...
Prayer requested
and thanks again so much everyone
for your kind words and love.
It means so much to me.


Emily H. said...

It's a busy time but you'll look back on it fondly - I'm quite sure you will!

Matushka Anna said...

(((Hugs))) I agree with Emily. (: