Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sunday in early October

Colder weather, a bit rainy.

Busy days.

Read books to my friend's young boys last two nights

and that was a delight.


Looking into buying two skirts online for work.

Work had some stressful days last week

and I am hoping for a better week to come.


Was at a baptism of a little baby yesterday;



I am behind on cooking for lunches.

Any smart quick suggestions?


Am also thinking of making a small roasted chicken for

Thanksgiving for a few friends;

would love to hear your suggestions for cooking this

and what your favourite Thanksgiving dishes are

(Canadian Thanksgiving is a week from Monday).


I am looking forward to the long weekend to come,

God willing.


Konstantina said...

I'm from New Brunswick and my Dad (he's from Newfoundland) always made us ham with an awesome brown sugar sauce for Thanksgiving. He would also make carrots with a little butter and brown sugar. My favorite was the cranberries though (in a can!).

Oh, how I miss Canadian Thanksgiving! My husband and I were married on Thanksgiving. We live in Greece now, and although we'll do something next weekend, it's not the same when the weather is still in the high twenties and there are no surrounding forests full of colour.

Hope you have a nice meal.

Sarah in Indiana said...

My family has southern roots, so my favorite Thanksgiving food is cornbread dressing. I also love cranberry relish. We always have homemade macaroni and cheese, too. Plus, I love pie! Yum.

For lunch, I usually eat leftovers. And I try to stash a few things in the freezer frozen in individual portions for days when I don't have any.

elizabeth said...

Konstantina, how lovely. and how nice to meet you here! :) The weather here may actual be 21 on Saturday; don't know the weather for Monday yet... I would be missing the colour and crisp weather that you are describing too. I do hope that living in Greece is good for you and your husband and thank you so much for your comment! I have enjoyed cranberries in a can too; have done it both ways :)

Sarah - I would love to hear your recipe for cornbread dressing! sounds great!

biss said...

Thanksgiving must-have: apple pie

Quick lunch:
pasta salad (pasta, tuna, onion, celery, mayo)
deli meat and cheese with some kind of bread and carrot sticks

Amy said...

Roasted Root Vegetables with Fresh herbs and roasted garlic yogurt...cheesy potatoes...sweet potato casserole...lots of root veggies I suppose!