Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home, my Oma and other reflections

I am God willing going home

in early December

to see my sister and brother-in-law.

I booked the ticket a few weeks ago.

I don't think I can go home for actual

(new calendar) Christmas

and, worst of all, I don't think I can go to my

most beloved monastery for New Years

like I always do.

Just not wise to spend the extra money.

I am still wishing for this,

but not counting on it.

But I am seeking to go for at least one night

while I am home in earlier December.

It will be good to be home.


A few days before I go home God willing I am

going to see my Oma.

was in late 2008.
I even found one in which I flew out to see my Oma

when she was 99; she is now 102 years old!


The hard thing about that I am going to Brampton to see my

Oma with my family is that she will be

God willing

103 on Dec 24 of this year.

One of my Aunts is visiting her right now;

my Mom said that Oma (her Mom)

is showing more signs of decline.

I hope and pray that she will not go too quickly

and that my family can have at least one more time to see her.


My Oma is worthy of many blog posts,

to say the least!


It was quite something,

seeing those old 2008/2009 blog posts today.

I was in the seemingly slow process of losing my job in 2009.

Now I have lost another one.

I am glad my friends are quick to tell me that this does NOT mean

I am a failure.

My Mother I think has the best words on it;

not only am I not a failure but that God took the job away...

it is all in God's hands,

not in the end, even in my employers hands.


We go through a lot of trials in this life

but God is with us in them.

It is a continual and constant battle of the mind

to rejoice and be thankful;

one step at a time,

picking oneself up each time

that a step is missed.


Lord have mercy on us!


Majmudar blog said...
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margaret said...

Many happy returns to your wonderful Oma when the day comes. I'm glad you're getting this chance to spend some time with her. And, yes, it is all always in God's hands although sometimes we get so caught up in what's around us that we fail to notice.

E Helena E said...

Happy reunions with all, and many years to your parents! May God bless your Oma!