Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My favourite tree.


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


Did not manage to take pictures of the dinner yesterday

but it turned out well.


One of my close friends gave birth to a son yesterday

and I am going to be the godmom!

I am VERY excited.


Sarah Euphemia said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glory to God (and congratulations!) on the birth of your godson!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Joyous Thanksgiving, and congratulations on your very new Godchild !

Marfa said...

Belated Thanksgiving wishes...as we celebrate next month here in America, but WISH we celebrated in October because our harvest is really coming to an end right now.

Xen Xen said...

Sounds lovely! Congratulations on your becoming the godmother!

Mimi said...

Oooooh, how exciting (and in a small world story, I believe I "know" her through blogging and Facebook) what a blessing for that child indeed.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone!!!

Yes Mimi, you do 'know' her:)

beach babies said...

Glad you made it to your tree!!!!!