Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday in late October

We celebrated my dear friend's birthday

again today after the liturgy

at our church potluck meal.

We sang Happy Birthday in both

English and Romanian!

(My Birthday friend being Romanian).

Such a joy to see her be so loved.

After the meal we all walked to her place

and continued our conversations over

tea and snacks.

We saw this bike on our way.

After a week of grey rain,

it ended up being a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


I have had a great weekend,

full of friends, prayer, lovely meals and laughter.

It could not of been better.


Tomorrow starts the next small chapter in my life.

Reorienting myself to the job search

and making a schedule for myself.


Losing a job is like a small death.

And I have been busy with many supportive loving people

just like people have after a death, or that they should have at

any rate, when faced with great loss.

Now I have to begin reorienting myself to my

new after 2 months at the job

life of now looking for a job again.


I am so blessed by the people in my life

including all of you

and the prayers of many are holding me up.


I thank God for every one of you!

God is so merciful to me.


margaret said...

The last photo is like Paris!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Margaret, I was thinking exactly the same thing! What a magnificent view !

Elizabeth, how wonderful to see the Penny Farthing cycle :-) I am so glad your friend had a happy birthday and that you had a lovely Sunday.

Prayers continue for you every day at our house.

Grace said...

I know so many people right now who are starting "new chapters," and I am as well. Like yours, it's not exactly what I would've chosen. I think yours is a wonderful attitude, though, and I'm going to try to imitate it.