Sunday, October 30, 2011



Sermon about God's love and that

Christ cares for us each personally.


My 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies were a hit

and none were left...

(I confess to eating at least 5 myself...!)


I prepared

sweet potatoes



for roasting tomorrow.

Also am going to make a meatloaf.


Tuesday is St. John of Kronstadt day.

and I will see my Godson that day,

God willing.


Tomorrow I begin my job search.

Thankfully with a lighter heart;

liturgy was very helpful to me today

and I thank God for His mercy to me.


Got out the book

and need to start reading.


Nativity Lent starts soon.

I have to decide if I am going to do the New

or the Old Calendar fast...

still figuring out where I need to be for Christmas...


May the Lord show the way.

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