Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Day Done

I am so glad to be home.

Thank you for the prayers.

First work conversation is done.

It well pretty well.

Today was more wet and grey.

I wish I could go to church more and work less!


Anna said...

I sympathise so much with your last line! I often think the same - but my next thought is, 'but then I'd be unemployed' which is not a joyous prospect, so then I have to be grateful not to have time to go to church more, especially during the week. So many beautiful festal Liturgies on weekday mornings pass me by. More time to be at church is something to look forward to when we've retired! hey ho - St Benedict says 'laborare est orare' and vice versa...

Marfa said...

Good to hear your conversation with your colleague went's always best to be forthright and honest, to have an open relationship, otherwise I find it's hard to get your work done.