Sunday, October 16, 2011

Looking towards another week...(and a prayer request)

Beautiful liturgy today.

I was given another wonderful gift today:

the 7th Optina book by

St. Herman's Press

which is a great gift indeed.


I have a lot to read in this series on the

Optina Elders

and have loved them;

now if only I would be more constant in

putting into practice what I have read.


I am grateful that God is merciful to the likes of me.


Here's a small sampling of the treasures in these books:

"...the devil, like a lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8)

opposes our good intentions, wars against and

inclines us towards the passions.

When he does not succeed in doing this, then he instills in one

an opinion about one's virtues --warring on the right and the left

against the soldier of Christ.

A sure weapon against him is humility.

One must take care to acquire it

in every way,

during rebukes as well as with regard to the infirmities

of the soul.

Condemnation is a sign of pride and so is anger.

Those who wish to correct themselves but are conquered

by the passions,

providentially receive the trial in order to humble them

involuntarily, and by this they

attract the grace of God

to themselves."

-Elder Macarius, Letter One, page 316


Prayer Request:

I've had some difficult times at work and realized

that I will have to talk to some colleagues

in relation to these challenges.

I often shy away from such conversations

but they need to happen;

I talked with my spiritual father and he confirmed

that I do need to do this.

Please pray for me for God's peace, the courage and words to say

and for the people who need to hear

these words.


Overall my job is very good;

I just need to ensure that it stays that way

and that some things get straitened out.


Thank you for your prayers!!


Wishing everyone a beautiful week.


E Helena E said...

These conversations are difficult to initiate and take practise and prayer. I am praying for you for courage and wisdom.

Anna said...

Thinking of you, especially in the words of the Prayer for the Beginning of the Day. Best wishes for the difficult conversations - but perhaps they won't be as bad as dreading them is. I hope not.

Mimi said...

Those are difficult conversations indeed. Hugs and prayers.