Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wednesday Quietness

I have been slowly reading through a book on

and am really enjoying it.

A book read slowly and savoured;

it is always so good to read of Saints, of God's

mercy and love

and of holy places of quiet.


Work continues to be very busy.

I ruined one of my two pairs of work pants

which means I have been carefully

going between 1 skirt and 1 pair of pants

since then.

Which requires a bit more frequent washing and

matching with various work clothes.

So finally I decided on a skirt that I bought online;

it will come in a few weeks -

it is ankle length, deep brown and I got a

long sleeved 'tee-shirt' to match

which with my other work clothes will be

very usable.

And 1 lovely scarf was ordered too...

It's been a while since I have dressed professionally

since I was working from home

and before that looking for work

and it is nice to wear my work clothes

but a bit distracting too.


I am glad that God is patient.


Just making the purchase decisions for this

feels like a relief,

after emailing two close friends about them

for a bit

and having some online / phone conversations.

You would think it would be simple,

clothes buying,

but after being unemployed for a while,

buying new things is, well, a bit new again...

other than books and icons which I always managed

to get a bit of even in the midst of my trials.



I am hosting a dinner party this Friday

and a small Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.

I am looking forward to both.

I find making beautiful meals and moments with friends

to be something that really motivates me;

beauty and creating it in many ways

is something I've realized is important to me

in my daily life.


Thank God for the deep beauty of icons

which not only gives light to the eyes

but can quiet the soul.


E Helena E said...

Sounds like a book I should read also!
Thinking of you with love.

Molly Sabourin said...

I too am interested in that book, Elizabeth! Have a lovely dinner party with your friends. Be sure to take a photo of your quaintly set table! : ) Peace and love to you!

Mimi said...

Ouch. I hate it when I ruin a favorite outfit.

Victoria said...

this photo is soo so lovely.
happy thanksgiving!

amy said...

Hello Elizabeth! I am glad work is going well and thank you for the endorsement of this book. Blessings to you!

elizabeth said...

Hi All: It is a great book. And really gives a sense of Orthodoxy as it was lived out...

Will take pictures and thank you everyone!