Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday Party for a Dear Friend

After vespers we went to a Greek restaurant


I and my birthday-friend both had moussaka.

We split a bottle of red wine made on

Mt. Athos,

bottled in Thessaloniki.

It was a really lovely meal.

I had my place ready and waiting for everyone

(this is actual a feat as my friends

come and help me with my dinner parties

and then we dine together :) ).

The yellow cake with chocolate frosting

was a bit lope-sided as one of the cakes

baked unevenly.

But it tasted great!

Used real butter to make the frosting.

We also had a chai herbal tea

and licorice spice.

Little cookies on my tea tray.


A wooden flute, violin and guitar were played.


We sang a rousing Happy Birthday with

instruments accompanying it.

It was so lovely to create beauty for my friend.

We can make beauty out of ashes

with God's help

and I was so glad to have this opportunity.

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Sarah in Indiana said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday. Many years to your friend!