Tuesday, October 18, 2011

God's goodness on a Tuesday in mid-October

The sun is setting earlier now;

summer is gone.

Thanksgiving was so warm and sunshine-filled

that I think I am a bit in shock at how

sudden the change in weather has been.


I still have to have one more work


Overall though everything seems fine.


I am still waiting for the clothes that

I tried on the pants I tore and had

re-sown and re-hemmed and realized

that I could still wear them to work....

So that was nice.


I have been at my new job two months

this week and so far so good.

After looking for a job for so long, this is

a real blessing.


I read a little more of my book on

Loved these lines about when the heart has

gained humility...

"...It resolutely cleaves unto the Saviour with sweetness

of heart and surrenders itself entirely

to Him with undoubting trust and with love."

Abbot Moses is a very special Saint to me for many reasons:

he was the builder of the original Optina Monastery,

He was gentle and unassuming,

keeping his spiritual intensity and labours hidden,

and he was a very strong and loving older brother to


I treasure the moments in my day when I can pick up

one of my books and read;

even a few sentences or a page or so of a book on Optina

is enough to encourage the reader.


This life is hard and we need the Lord and His Saints

to give us fresh courage.

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Mimi said...

We made that turn to autumn rather quickly, I agree.
Enjoy the new clothes, and thanks be to God on the conversations. Continued prayers.