Friday, October 28, 2011

Side Note

New Pasta Dish.

My friend made this for me a week ago.


5 or 6 garlic cloves minced

saute in oil (I used olive oil).

Add mushrooms, cut in 4 or more pieces (depending on size)

add to garlic and oil and saute/cook for about 7 minutes or so.

Add bok choy (I had 2 baby bok choy) cut up and rinsed

for another 7 minutes or so.

I used everything of the baby bok choy other

than the very end of the white portion.

Then I put some spaghettini pasta in boiling water to cook.

About the same time, the mushrooms were done and bok choy wilted and soft.

I then added salt, pepper and two tomatoes, rinsed and cut.

When the pasta was done,

I added it to the sauce

and served hot

(with a little more salt).

It was lovely!


Marfa said...

Mmmm....that does sound good...lots of garlic, mushroom, olive oil. I don't think I've ever cooked with bok choy but I've had it in oriental dishes at restaurants, it's like celery, right?

elizabeth said...

yes, was good! actually I don't know if bok choy is like celery... full grown bok choy has long white stems, thicker than celery, and long green leaves... the baby bok choy I used was a cute mini version...

it has a lot of flavour... very savory, more bitter than sweet but it went really well with the dish!