Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday: Feast Day, Brunch, Rest and Vespers

It was really great to be at church this morning.
I went early to the upscale grocery store just past church
to buy some gourmet chocolate bars for a birthday gift
and then to church...
My friend Photini and I had lunch afterwards,
that was really nice; brunch in the sunshine...
I dropped off my boots to be fixed...
I hope they are fixed (i.e. without nails) correctly...
I want the heels fixed and a need a new zipper slide... 
the home, rested, read, did a bit of online Christmas shopping,
had hot chocolate and one of my Mom's
Chocolate Revel Bars and then vespers
and then dinner at home.
My mind is full of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating...
and lists, like on Monday Clean Bathrooms and and make my Mom's chili
(I am craving it!) and so forth...
by Wednesday, set up table and all serving dishes.
And make some food I hope. 
I am thinking of making an apple crisp in this lovely
new to me straight from IKEA white Made in France 
And I want to make the Cranberry and Yam dish
AND mashed potatoes... 

About the apple crisp... I found this recipe...
and have this question:
 Do you think I can make this vegan (and still have it taste great) 
with coconut cream for the 1/4 cup thick cream + vegan margarine? 
I know I have used coconut oil and been amazed at how 'buttery' the final product tastes... 
I am thinking of having this for Thanksgiving (with full dairy French Vanilla Ice Cream) 
but then (as the next day is Friday + the beginning of the Nativity Fast) 
having it warmed up to finish on Friday... 
Any thoughts on that?
I've been listening to this song on repeat today,
it's really beautiful 

My Husband already did a lot of office rearranging so that
he can have the new Billy Bookshelf with Doors (!) in his office...
He did a lot of work!
I hope you all had a good day; or at least, a moment of peace,
or a ray of sunlight or a reminder that God's mercy is deep
and His mercy and His love never fails. 


Mary said...

Hi Elizabeth: About the subs in your apple crisp recipe. I think that sounds very good. This Nativity Lent I have, for the first time, started using recipes with coconut milk/cream and think its very, very good. Wish I had known earlier. And, I'm so excited to learn, its possible to whip coconut milk and use it in coffee and on fruit or other lenten desserts. Soooo excited about this as my morning cuppa' is so dear to my heart! God Bless.

Granny Marigold said...

Your white serving dish is lovely. I hope your apple crisp turns out good with the substitutions. You must be excited and full of plans for Thanksgiving. It will be a busy week for Americans.
Benedictus is one of my fav.

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, Your church is so beautiful. I do love my church. It's relatively simple and lovely but sometimes I miss all the beauty and pageantry of high liturgy. Your plans and recipes for Thanksgiving sound wonderful. I am curious about about your cranberry sweet potato dish. Not being Orthodox I don't need to consider fasting after my day of feasting, but your apple crisp sounds delicious. Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you.

Lisa said...

I have never used coconut cream, so that will be interesting to me if you successfully substitute. I did make pumpkin pie once with coconut milk and it seemed the same as it does with light cream. There's so much cooking to think about with Thanksgiving!