Thursday, November 01, 2018

Out of Hundreds of Pictures, I Chose Two

My Husband and I left yesterday around 4 PM to go to our far-away church,
it was their 20th anniversary and a celebration of
St Elizabeth the New Martyr and St John of Kronstadt. 
It was wonderful.
I helped out with the meal preparations but it was a wonderful vigil last night
 and liturgy and meal after today.
St Elizabeth is a special saint to me; one of my Mother Saints and we
share the same patron Saint: the Mother of St John the Baptist.
She is a big part of my Husband and I's early relationship and
I feel that she sent me to NJ to be his wife, that I was called for this.
I am grateful for her powerful prayers to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
On the way there we ate at a Thai restaurant, 
later, at the hotel I was hungry again and had a salad.
Today we feasted after liturgy and my Husband heated up leftovers for
both of us and we listened to the Hobbit being read out loud via audible. 
I am tired but grateful.
I have dreams of baking cookies tomorrow but we will see what God allows.
I know I need some rest too.
I did my best to pray for many who I know are struggling
and I am glad we can go to church to pray.
May God bless and help us all!


Gina said...

Elizabeth, it sounds like you had a lovely evening. I don't think I've ever eaten at a Thai restaurant before. I had hopes of making pumpkin muffins today but I didn't. Maybe Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

Becki said...

Beautiful pictures, Elizabeth. That top one is really intriguing. I'm glad you had such a good day. Very fulfilling, it sounds like.