Monday, November 05, 2018

The flurry of many days

Lots going on in these November days.
Saturday quilt guild, a lovely wedding ceremony of friends, vespers
Sunday liturgy, lunch, nap, walk, chili from a neighbour (so good!)
corn bread muffins the blue paper stained them! (not good!)
I also did more sewing of buttons (reinforcing) of my red coat that I got 
on a very very good sale last year in MI when visiting my +Aunt Karen...
Today cleaning the house and piles of laundry, reading, a short nap, dinner preparation. 
Also home things including switching out sugar bowls to pretty organic (on sale) sugar...
I baked cookies Friday (after sewing adventures)
and on Friday I got three unexpected treasures!
A book (again, I am guessing a poor cover though very vintage), 
a very encouraging card, pictures of Cornwall and lovely bookmark
that about made me cry from Elizabethd (thank you so much!) 
and a lovely washcloth and card from my longtime friend K...
and then today I got another DE Stevenson book (also from UK) and two beautiful
small cloth panels from a monastery friend who got them in Alaska! 
So I feel like God is showering me with blessings... 
we are still in early days of seeing if the hope for better re: our unbloggable situation
will work out and are praying... I feel like God is giving me gifts to encourage me
along the way, which is a blessing I do not discount. 
Tomorrow I have a friend over, Wed my Husband works from home,
Thursday liturgy and NYC and Friday home...
So a busy time.  
I have my Thanksgiving dinner ordered!
Well, time to prepare dinner, finish laundry and welcome my Husband 
home from another day in NYC. 
May God have mercy on us all!


Pom Pom said...

Yay for goodies! I hope you have a lovely and cozy day today!

Lisa Richards said...

Those fabric panels from the monastery are so pretty! Enjoy all of your blessings!

Gina said...

Love all your pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us! My husband commuted to NYC every day for work for 10 years. It's rough. I hope your husband has a blessed commute.

Becki said...

So many lovely pictures and so many gifts. You are blessed, Elizabeth. Your red coat is just gorgeous. I imagine you enjoy wearing that! :)

GretchenJoanna said...

Glory to God for all things! The chocolate chip cookies are especially inspiring ;-)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Pom-Pom! yes, a cozy day today!
Lisa, thanks so much, I will!
Gina, thank you! Yes, it's not always easy to commute!
Becki, yes, so blessed! Thanks! I love the red jacket!
G-J yes! and the cookies are so good! :)

Lisa said...

I like your red coat!