Thursday, June 02, 2016

My first 1934 white + chocolate layered cake

 Over the weekend,

I had a bit of an adventure with the white cake, which I made last Friday.
Overall, it was a bit too 'chewy' but still good.
I really liked the way the cake itself turned out,
how it looked when one cut into it
and the taste variety. 
And it was the first time I did a ganache frosting,
based on this recipe. 
Cooling it in the fridge + whipping it with my mixer both helped it.
I kept the cake in the fridge, frosted and covered, overnight.
We then put it, covered of course, in a big freezer bag with an ice pack.
The frosting was still satisfyingly cool when I cut the cake,
and I would like to make it again one day!
Perhaps trying a new vintage white cake recipe... 


Paula said...

Mmm, looks good!

Amanda said...


Zena said...

The cake looks so good. I'll have to make something from my mums stash of old cook books next time I visit. This looked like fun.