Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Yarn Along ~ sewing this time + letters by CS Lewis

 My book pile!
 Beyond the Snow is lovely, lovely, lovely.
I have only just begin it...
Been busy doing this and that, so not a lot of in-depth reading time,
but hopefully soon!
While I have worked on more wash clothes and a bit on my 
I am going to share today a little bag I am almost done with.
It's for the Munchkin, who is doing some traveling again this summer.

I am filling the bag that I am making with 
A small journal and container of coloured pencils from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens,
which is shown above on the right,
(a pencil sharpener that contains the shavings is coming for it too),
and some other treasures...

I designed my own inside pockets for the bag!
The little pocket on top is for an extra (already blessed!) wooden Cross necklace...

Here it is, all sewn in, but not re-ironed... 

I used my free-hand presser foot to make this small
Cross in red thread, I practiced a bit first. :)

I was loosely going on this 'envelope pouch' pattern but had to do my own thing,
after I realized that the liner, which I sewed together, would not work 
with the outside of the bag, so I ripped out the seams and 
ended up cutting out a bigger than the liner piece of blue fabric,
which, with attention, sewing many seams over for neatness,
I made this bag, which has everything but the 'envelope triangle' to close it up,
with Velcro! 

Well, that's what I made today.
What did you read and make today? :)
Yarn (or sew!), along with us! 


Laura Boutin said...

What a thoughtful homemade gift! I love seeing how you made it and such great touches you are adding to it.

steph said...

what a well thought out project! I'm sure it will be well used and appreciated.

Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

I love your bag!

Also, I have to say that I'm always glad to see what you're reading. Our tastes are similar, I think, and you often have something I either haven't read yet or haven't heard of, which promptly gets added to my book list.