Thursday, June 30, 2016

A blur of days

Moved a tall hamper/basket here, in place of the folding table I had.
Made room for more shelves eventually in the bedroom, solved the 
'where to put the tall basket' question and successfully got something that Cleo 
cannot hide under.... She hid under the little table that the above basket replaced,
unbeknownst to us, and was locked in our library-chapel over night,
 using our futon for a loo. :(  Thus sans-covers, that have since returned to us
from the dry cleaners....

Above pictures from my Tuesday day trip to see a friend for lunch... :)

Festive vespers for the Feast of St Peter and Paul...

Morning liturgy.
Did 3 errands on way home, before I had a bit to eat,
but all went well and I managed a festive meal...
while living between 2 calendars, so it was still a fast-friendly meal! 

{I did my best to make a good festive meal;
for our local church's feast; I could not make the table look as nice
as I wished, the roses wilting were indicative to how tired I was feeling
by the time lunch was over!}

TJ's Marsala burgers, fruit salad, hummus, chips, green salad...

I had a full few days.
I went to see a friend for lunch and shopping,
I found a cute long knit black dress and shrug,
exactly what I was looking for.
The train to get there and back was at least 1 hour each way.
Then I went and met Mr Husband at our local church for vespers.
Then home and dinner.
Wednesday was liturgy in the morning,
then errands at small grocer near church, vet and dry cleaners on my way home.
Then breakfast quickly eaten and lunch made.
I had to rest after this; I have had 2 nights in last 5 days of really bad sleep,
and it was all catching up with me.
Wednesday afternoon and evening I made some more cards and wrote some letters.
All mailed today. 
Mr Husband is really conscientious about birthdays of family and 
god-family.... we are now caught up through end of July,
early yes, but we have a lot going on in July....
I almost forgot to mention my new sandals.
Am really pleased.  Got them via Amazon via Germany!
It's a pretty hot day today and I am trying to stay hydrated.
My dream goal of actually sewing this week may not happen at all.
I forgot, when I wished for that, of a big research task I needed to do 
on Monday, which took most of the afternoon.
I could not put it off, as time and deadlines loomed.
Today will include 2 hour long phone calls/meetings...
plus cleaning, 2 more phone calls...
And so, this book resonated with me:
Something I have had to accept again and again is that even though
I have a very ideal situation, 
Wife, Stay-at-Home Homemaker, great condo, fairly near to NYC, Orthodox churches, 
and even Monasteries within a few hours drive, lots of crafts to do,
friendships being made and strengthened, 
I have SO MANY things I am trying to do, that this book,
while it is by a woman working and being a Mother,
resonated with me.
I still feel like I get a lot of indirect feedback that my life does not qualify for
 being busy or being overwhelmed with balancing a household and the 
many roles and things I try to do. 
No one is trying to be unkind, just FYI.  
I think they just find things incomprehensible and compare my life
to theirs...which is just not helpful.
Meanwhile... I am the godmother who brings gifts for my godson and family
for St. Nicholas and Christmas - 
because of things I could not control I was not able to go
when I normally do to Ottawa....
which means this task is still not done...
Shipping to Canada is insanely expensive if done via US Post.
I am still trying to figure out what month I can even go to Ottawa...
and have the quilt done and able to be sent with me!
My other godchild is coming!!! Briefly, in August, DV.
I have Sunday School to plan for,
family things that take a lot of planning,
and just life things... 
I think part of how I feel is because I don't know
a lot of people who are in my exact situation...
i.e., homemaker without being either a Mom, Mom who home schools
Mom who is retired form homeschooling, Mom with kids, Mom with kids & working, or if not a Mom in any of these stages, not being any of these things,
is then working a full time job; 
my job in this stage of things is exactly what i am doing now, 
not at paid work, but doing a lot none the less....
Anyway, been thinking about this a lot lately
and working on getting a better internal state,
so, even if I am getting indirect feedback like I mentioned,
it does not bother me quite so much...
And, at the same time, I am thinking about
how to have the time I need for quiet, for rest that an
introvert has need of...
today, while I had various phone meetings, I intentionally had a quiet day,
I am very glad for that. 
And for the first day in many days,
I had my lampadas lit...


GretchenJoanna said...

No one's situation is exactly like another - you are unique, and you are working hard to do the things you think important, and it keeps you very busy! Other people who aren't in your situation (that means everyone, see above :-))can't imagine what it is like to be you - they can only imagine what they would do in your situation. But all this imagining is fruitless, anyway.

Maybe you would like this blog post that a friend sent me today - it is related, I think:

Love to you, Dear Elizabeth. God's peace.

elizabeth said...

GretchenJoanna, Thank you!!! Yes, I am working hard on the priorities that I have and what I need to do as a team with my husband! I loved that blog post, thank you! and thank you for your love and blessing!

Sophy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I have been reading your blog for a while now and enjoy it. I am also in a similar situation as you. I am a stay at home wife, without children. I know what you mean with the indirect feedback about being busy. There aren't a lot of people in a similar situation. By the way, I love your new sandals. They look so comfortable!

elizabeth said...

Hi Sophie,

Thanks so much for your comment, it's lovely to meet someone who is also in my situation! :) Yes, I think people just don't know how to categorize us so it can result in indirect feedback! Thanks for liking my sandals, I am really pleased with them! They are identical to my wedding sandals which were rose pink! which was better really as my wedding gown was ivory, as it was my Grandma's wedding dress! :) Please feel free to comment and reach out to me at any time! Nice to find someone who understands! :) ~ Elizabeth

Sophy said...

Elizabeth, that sounds so special to have your grandmother's wedding dress! Rose sandals with an ivory wedding gown sounds lovely! Yes, it was so nice to "meet" you!

elizabeth said...

thanks Sophie! Yes, it was super special!!! Here's a picture (by our wedding photographers) of the dress + shoes: :) Do visit here anytime!

Sophy said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks Elizabeth!

karen said...

I love how you spend your days and share them with us! I am excited that you will have your cousin visiting!! I am waiting for my sis and her family to arrive (I'm a tad excited)

Zena said...

So many busy days! People always like to make assumptions or indirect feedback on your life without knowing the details of your life. I get annoyed when people do that to me. A big high five for finding the perfect dress and cardigan. Poor cleo being locked up all night. Blessings to you dearest Elizabeth.