Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yarn Along ~ Slow and Steady

Making: The ever present wash clothes.
Making: First time doing needle point crafts
Reading: Enjoying the first issue of Making
Reading: Finished Dinner with Edward and writing a short essay
about it to process it.
Making: fabric picked for journal cover.... 
Loved reading: this essay on marriage and being a wife
Joining: Yarn Along again today! 


Alina said...

I would love to have "Making" on my coffee table now - looks so inspiring!

karen said...

you can never ever have too many dish cloths :)

Mimi said...

Oh, I love my knitted wash cloths

Paula said...

I need to whip up a few more facecloths. Our 'material' ones are really starting to look thin (good thing I don't have neighbours to see them on the clothesline).

Pom Pom said...

Hello dear Elizabeth! I ordered Making today. I was seeing it everywhere around the land o' blog and I can't wait for it to come.

October Rose said...

Oh that fabric is lovely!! And I am poring over Making, too. As soon as my class next week is over I am going to make the floral hoop. :)

Lisa Richards said...

C.S. Lewis's letters are my favorites. I've read a couple of volumes of them, and I love the "inside look" at his life.
I've been wanting to knit some dishcloths. That's a project I might actually finish!
I lost my husband 2-1/2 years ago, and I agree with a comment you left on Gretchen's blog. It does take a while to make a life of your own after losing your life partner. May God lead us all on that journey.