Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, it all blends into one day

We ended up needing to stay local for church...

Sunday: we saw a very lovely active bright and beautiful 3 year old be baptised!

I found out that one of my first English Professors died 2 years ago.
Dale Brown gave me this book from Interim '96 at Calvin.
He was so kind... I was so sad to hear... 
(I started at Calvin and later left and finished in BC Canada,
still as an English Major). 
He was at the beginning of all of the wonderful things that have
happened in my life and the things I dreamed of doing... (like writing)...

Tuesday: my quilting friend and I went to Purl Soho! :)
It was really nice... 

I am really wanting to make a journal cover for a special journal
I hope to use in the future... I have the fabric, the interfacing, the thread...!

 I am loving Purl Soho's displays more now,
aren't those scarves lovely?!!

The top fabric on this fat quarter bundle is what I plan on using,
with some white fabric in the middle that will be embroider......DV... 
(the fabric bundle is from the quilt shop I went to in KY on my birthday 
this past December)...
I am using this green fabric to practice on :) First try doing it,
no instructions or pattern, as per usual in Elizabeth's making world!
My quilting friend said a very wise thing to me today,
after I was discussing something that had thrown me for a loop
and did not seem to be able to be wrangled out right in my mind:
She said:
what do you need to be able to move forward with this?
I told her I was going to embroider the question
What do you need?
as my first project.  
Thus the 'WHAT' being the first thing I embroidered on my new hoop...
I quickly realized what I needed to do after she asked me...

I got this today!!!
I had called Purl Soho last week and ordered it over the phone,
and here it is.  I am loving it.
And that's the last three days, in one.


karen said...

how exciting to go to purl soho :) I love the journal cover project, I hope you share photos!! I wish I could get a flip through from that magazine.

Pom Pom said...

I wish I could visit Purl Soho! I think your embroidery is going to be a lot of fun, Elizabeth!

October Rose said...

I really love the idea of embroidered journal covers.