Monday, June 27, 2016

So Many Things

I am feeling like I have made another turn,
but I hope that it will be sustainable;
the last few Tuesdays I have been able to get out and visit a friend;
I have plans for this coming Tuesday as well.
DV my cousin comes in a week's time.
I am going to be visiting my family in MI in July.
I am still working on Sunday School.
I am really wanting to finish my godson's quilt.
I am not sure where I am going to find the time for all I want to do!
This is often the way it is for me,
I have so many things I love to do, 
and so many things I need to do for Mr Husband, our home
and for Church.
It's a constant balancing act.
One thing I am doing is trying to let go of some ideals that are
more linked to my perfectionism than what is really needed...
This week I hope will be a quilting week!
Last week I also quickly priced some new prayer books for church;
I wear many hats now days and have many roles that I think about in terms of
my time, priorities and life...  including...
Sunday School Director
Bookstore Manager 
Quilter, Knitter, craft-maker, writer, blogger
Friend, Community Builder
Cousin, Sister and Sister-in-law
Aunt to many
Hostess of brunches, teas, and dinners
Child of God, Orthodox Christian 
I bought some nautical themed stamps at Michaels last Tuesday;
my friend has been keeping me posted on a little baby boy
named Joshua who has Trisomy 13.
They don't know how long he will have to live.
Poor little thing and the heart ache of the parents;
so the first card I made was for this little guy's parents.
I find making things helps me with the grief of hearing of such
please do pray for baby Joshua and his parents!
I also finished the pantry on Saturday,
it was a lot of work but I rearranged somethings, took somethings out,
and I really like how it is now.
Tidy, organized, clean and more easy to use!
The work of the pantry and everything on Friday got me quite tired,
so I did some long overdue letter writing and had fun using various stamps I
have got or been given; I am realizing how fun it is to do this,
a great creative pursuit when I don't have a lot of time
but need to rest for a bit!
I am trying to exercise more; the summer pool is helping.
It's such a challenge to do things rightly....
Lord have mercy on us all,
no matter what it is we are facing and doing!


steph said...

what a busy---but positive life you lead!!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

As my dear Greek friends say, Kali Dunamis! (I'm not sure of the spelling!)- Good Strength! - to achieve all that you wish in this coming week.
Prayers for Joshua's family.

Martha said...

Your pantry looks great...I ♥ all the jars with the labels!

Anonymous said...

Praying this morning for little Joshua and his parents. I loved reading your list of words that describe you, Elizabeth. We would all do well to take such stock of our lives. So much more could be said on that note, but suffice it to say it was good for me to read and think about.

Lisa Richards said...

There are so many "good" things we could be doing. It is hard to know what to do and what to put aside. Sent up a prayer for Joshua.

karen said...

you sound happy! I love that you have been busy and full of tasks (but keep taking care of yourself!!) and visiting family. sending a prayer for Joshua and that you continue to be happy and healthy and overflowing with contentment.

Lisa said...

I love the ship on your stationery. xo

Pom Pom said...

I know what you mean. We think things over, over and over again. It's a joy to have lovely things to do and it's a privilege to serve those we hold dear. That's why you are busy, because you know this.

Zena said...

I enjoy peaks in to people's kitchen so thank you. It looks good and wholesome in there. Oh that is heartbreaking about that poor little baby.