Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Today, Yesterday and later...

Whew, just a minute to catch my breath here.
Been busy since Sunday.
We had our first Sunday School event to celebrate the year we had
with our Sunday School Kids,
and, well, it was a learning experience as what we had 
envisioned for it did not take place.
I am still processing what we can do differently and 
of future changes that our class will need,
due to spanning age groups.
I am still thinking and pondering.
Elizabeth recommended a book lately that sounded so good,
It's nice so far, introducing me to more about NYC
than I know of so far, and is an absorbing read.
Funny though, is that I know that reading this book
will not turn me into one that will cook like Edward does,
or at least not now - he does things very elaborately.
I have so much on the go, 
that I made 2 pies that I like just as well
with store-bought crust and a simple recipe.
I talked to my Grandmother (Ruth) today.
She is still recovering from a terrible cold, sinus infection and cough.
Like me, but worse, she had more than 1 time last week
that the cough was so hard that she was near to vomiting.
I went through that this year, it is so difficult.
To feel this sick, with such a cough is really shattering.
Please pray for her, she has a long way to go yet in healing from
the various infections she has had lately.
I told her I was baking Strawberry Rhubarb pie. 
She always is baking - thinking of my Dad on his birthday in August,
she will bake him a blueberry pie, his favourite.
For all of us, she spends hours and days baking and freezing baked goods to give 
to us at Christmas, something that is always the best and most enjoyable gift,
her baking of goodies.  I treasure and savour them.
My Grandma has a very strong influence on my life, we are very close.
I love to bake like she does - it's one of the reasons I don't do 
other crafts as often as I want to as well, because I am busy baking something.
I still want to get back to baking bread.
Well, I am working on various things, but am finding,
as always, that things take much longer than one wishes they would.
But I thank God. 
And I pray for His mercy. 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Many prayers for Grandma Ruth to recover quickly and fully!

I do so hope you enjoy the book as much as I did :-)

karen said...

I miss my gram :) Love your photos and seeing your beautiful days. You always set a lovely table and create a warm welcoming home.

Zena said...

Oh your poor gran! So awful to be coughing that hard and in so much pain. Your baked pies really caught my eye. So wonderful that she has passed that down to you and you all connected by her pie making.