Thursday, June 23, 2016

Snippets of a full day

Swam 4 laps without a kick board this morning!
Slowly is the name of the game, but sure and steady.
I finally made a batch of smoothies again.
Did not love the plant-based protein powder enough to want to buy more;
did not like the taste of it, covered it with maple syrup and cocoa powder! 
To have the plumber go on our roof to make sure our AC is good and has enough
Freon in it, I have to empty much of the pantry so the ladder can go through
the rooftop access that is in the pantry.
Only place to put the pantry and worth the trouble!
pondering it. 
I will be glad when the pantry is put back together, tomorrow, DV.
Well, that's what today has been for me, 
how about you?


Paula said...

I wondered why you had all the jars on the floor :) I buy Ella 'Harmonized Vegan Protein' by Progressive. I've not used it in smoothies but she doesn't notice any taste in her mug cakes or granola bars.

Becki said...

What a beautiful day it looks like in that picture taken at the pool. We are finally experiencing hot and humid weather here in Indiana. So very thankful for air conditioning. :)

karen said...

I bet your pantry is quite tidy after all that work!! phew! I wonder if I could swim four laps without a kick board?? (I doubt it!).