Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Beautiful Baptism ~ a miracle witnessed

Mr. Husband and I arrived just in time;
it was a wonderful gathering of the newly baptised 
family and church family;
It was so many wonderful things at once;
Mat. Emily's handwork, blanket and candles.
The gown for baptism and a simple gown for a doll;
a beautiful Cross; 
seeing sister's love; 
prayers, such beautiful prayers, said, listened to, uttered;
the miracle! the baby newly born, reborn, baptised!
New life! Right before our eyes!
We are seeing, witnessing, taking pictures of, a miracle.
A baby baptised, a child made a Christian,
a real change that we pray that the child will grow into
all her life, deeper and deeper in the well of baptism,
into the waters of regeneration,
into the deepening of the Christian life by having 
the living waters of the Holy Spirit 
always inward, pouring out.

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MamaBirdEmma said...

Thank you for coming!! It was wonderful to see you!!