Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Yarn Along ~ fine dining, baking and crafting

Knitting progress:  a few rows on a wash cloth! 
Sewing progress: I finished the Munchkin's bag last week! He loved it
and so did his Mom! (and others at church that I showed it too!)
Making: Finished laminate photo and written prayers book for the Munchkin
Baking: we enjoyed the last of the 'brownie cake' I made for the
Munchkin while he was here for the weekend,
2 Strawberry Rhubarb Pies
2 pizzas with pizza dough bread from the farmer's market,
the all natural everything but organic hotdogs we were given by mistake, 
organic mozzarella cheese.  They tasted great, could not taste the hotdog, 
worked perfectly as a pizza!
Other doings: I am the Sunday School director and am trying to figure out
our staff complement and how to structure the classes for next year.
Progress is being made but it is a lot of work and takes a lot of my time right now.
Reading: Dinner with Edward
The fine dining that Edward creates is a delight to read!
I am enjoying it right now and am interested in seeing what happens.
The bit I just read about the main character seeing a woman sitting alone and
poised at a restaurant and wishing that she was like this
was of interest - I am able to do this and often do in NYC when
Mr Husband is working late.
It is sad to be reading the narration of the woman's failing marriage
and how they as a couple are not able to work through it.
I find communication is so important - marriage is not easy at times and
a lot has to be worked on to make the marriage continue to work
well.  I know that Mr. Husband and I have to constantly work on things
and that there is forgiving that needs to be done and acknowledged -
there is a reason that many Orthodox Christian couples do the forgiveness
vespers ritual every night (asking forgiveness and granting it).
I can only imagine how hard it would be to have the needed
conversations that keep one connected to the other when one has kids.
But, a professor told me years ago that everything that is worth doing
takes a lot of time. 
At the same time, I think there can be an imbalance in time
and that many people, including woman, as it seems to be at the outset of this book,
are truly working too much and by doing so are avoiding a lot of
needed attention to the people in their lives, often leading to a
breakdown in their family.  Not that the other's don't make
mistakes as well, not at all, but that this also
is a real problem, and I sense is one that
the woman in this book is being gently challenged to look at.
It's not easy.
I like to be busy too - it's hard to find a good balance in life.
But somehow, if we keep striving, praying and working at things,
we have hope.
I am DV getting the Making Magazine next week!
I bought one from Purl Soho and will be picking it up early next week...
I really wish for a life that could be more balanced in use of time
and am thinking a lot about that.
Well, what are you reading and making?
Yarn Along with us! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a super update post - you have been SO busy!
Yet you always, always find ample time for prayers, time with your beloved Mr Husband and time for reflection - this is indeed a failing of our protagonist from 'Dinner With Edward'. It is so easy to get wrapped up in "busyness" that one fails to see and do the things which are the most important in life.

karen said...

somehow I missed this post....Love what you are up to- especially the crafting bit :)