Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Beautiful Tuesday in August

My family's garden is blossoming.


I got to visit with my Grandma!

She has so much energy and is always doing something -

She was out to breakfast at 8:30 this morning

before spending time with me

and having a visit from my Aunt and my Aunt's 7 year old grandson;

all of us, including my Grandma,

went out for ice cream.

It was great!


And tonight I walked for 2 miles with my Mom.

A very full day.

I finished another cover letter and resume

and submitted it.

Each application is so different, it really takes

time, thought and various edits

before I can submit the application.

I have at least one more to do while I am visiting my

family home.


It is a good but still uncertain time for me.

When will I get a job, where and what will it be

are all unknown.


I am hoping to go to the monastery next week

to pray about this,

as I really need a lot of wisdom and courage

during this time.

My friends who are visiting Cleo
assure me that she is fine.
I always miss her a bit
when I am gone
but I am sure she misses me more;
she is a cat who loves human company and routine.


Emily H. said...

It's good to be with family. :)

Martha said...

Nice garden...any ripe tomatoes?
So nice to hear you're having a good time...visiting with your grandma, aunt, walking with your mom!

elizabeth said...

E - yes!

Marfa - yes, we've had some really great deep read tomatoes!

it has been great to see everyone...