Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Unexpected

So my doctor recommended doing
breathing exercises
and the like.
Get my stress level down, sleep better
learn to
I concur.
At the same time
of course
it feels like one more thing to do
and I am having a hard time keeping up with what I am already doing.
Meanwhile, since I was out anyway, to talk with this doctor,
I went shopping.
Did not buy a thing I did not plan on getting.
well. I need a new cord for my Theotokos necklace,
as mine had frayed and I had to cut it
to retie it
and it is not as long as I wish it to be.
Meanwhile, here I am in Zellers,
which for those else where, is similar
to a Walmart
or K-Mart
in the States. I have been looking for a new dish soap holder.
I have yet to find one.
Whenever I do not find one, I concede that really I should wait for my new place
wherever and whenever that is
And then I look again for it...!
But it gets better.
So I am totally lost in this particular Zellers which has strange combination
of a fairly standard low store ceiling and really crowded aisles
and very TALL signs.
I felt dwarfed (I am about 5 foot 6 so I am a good average height)
and could not find anything. All seemed counter intuitive.
Anyway. So I am searching for a dish soap holder,
when I hear one of the famous in store infomercials.
Really hammed it up;
about a Jewelry Store giving away an
expensive beautiful necklace
FREE of charge.
Well. I decided, why not? I have nothing better to do
and I really need a new chain for my Theotokos necklace
so thinking of this,
I managed to find the place,
get a ticket
and listened to a very long infomercial
seeing all this jewelry that is not only not my style
but is really listed at 95 bucks a piece but magically is selling
for less than 10 a piece if you give 95 of your dollars.
The most interested couple looked very poor,
tattoos, cheap hair cuts and really excited about this magical deal
of $600.00 worth of jewelry for $95.00 of your dollars.
When we finally were able to put our tickets in the plastic container
one man up in two tickets
we were like, oh no sir, you need your other half;
he said no, the other is my wife's ticket.
I, suspicious and really wanting a new necklace chain
(It looked to be the right length),
asked where the wife was.
"At an appointment" he said.
And then they did the draw.
And I won.
and was given a little plastic bag with the necklace.
One older lady asked to see it, and said,
oh, that's all it is.
Everyone evaporated into the store.
And I felt so
ridiculously happy because I won
a free purple stoned silver coloured necklace
with a chain that ended up
being too small for what I wanted it for.
I may give it away
or maybe save it as a memory of the Theotokos and her love,
and wear it when I feel like playing dress up
(since adults are still allowed to play this you know).
Here is a picture,
you can see my favourite white sandal
and my summer black skirt...
I still feel ridiculously pleased about this.
Now if only the rest of my life
would come to some sort of recognizable order...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That is amazing !
It is a pretty necklace - I hope you get much pleasure from it !
Good luck with the Pilates - my eldest daughter does it and says it is really good at de-stressing her :-)

Mimi said...

What a blessing, and I agree, it is lovely and will be a treat!

And, I've done Pilates before, and it was wonderful - I need to get back into it.

Victoria said...

wow, brave of you to sit through an infomercial session.
I find the best soap dishes in the most unlikely places, like the dollar store or the thrift store. of course, they're not actual soap dishes, but cute/pretty glass dishes that I think "hm, that would make a pretty soap dish..."

elizabeth said...

Thank Elizabeth! Yes... now I need to find a course that is affordable...

Good to know that you have done and liked it Mimi!

Thanks Victoria! I did not think it brave; I guess I was so busy observing and well... kind of verbally rolling eyes with another person by whispering about the low quality... I guess I have never been that shy with strangers in groups (why I can be shy in groups of people I do know is another question!!)...

I agree... I am going have to be creative in finding my soap dish containers... ! :) More fun and less $ too!

E Helena E said...

I love your posts!
And God will not let you down.

elizabeth said...

thanks E-H for your encouragment!

Michelle M. said...

How pretty! You deserve it. I definitely think dressing up one night and wearing that necklace sounds like a great idea. Or have a "fancy" tea party at our place :) That should help with the stress, too. We all need time to just relax with friends.