Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting Up Again

It's been a bit of a strange week.
Wonderful - Liturgies -Feasts.
But I have also been sick
for a lot of the week.
I am on some meds now for the
sinus symptoms -
could be allergies.
I learned a lot this summer.
One of these things is to do the things I can do.
Here's my goals:
1. Say no to fear and worry - including what others think.
This eats up too much of my life, too often.
This will take time,
there are things I can do to keep fighting my fears.
2. Do what I can to keep myself in better shape:
A recent trip to a dietitian has given me some suggestions on how to eat better.
I need to get out and walk more - good for physical and mental health
3. I am slowly networking and am looking for
things to do on a volunteer basis
that is related to library work.
4. Look into learning French
5. Keep my house organized.
Doing laundry and dishes is important.
So is cooking (see #3).
6. Keep Job Searching


E Helena E said...

All good goals and steps!
Sending you love and prayers.

elizabeth said...

thank you very much E-H...

Michelle M. said...

You have a lot of great goals. Keep it up!

RW said...

a good list.
wishing you a joy filled weekend.

margaret said...

Sinus pain is horrid and allergy sinus pain is twice as horrid - I hope your meds are working.

elizabeth said...

thank you Michelle!
Thank you also RW - my weekend was good...

yes... Margret .. it is not fun! it is getting a little better, I think/hope...

Juliana said...

Anxiety is my biggest problem. It's so hard to trust God, although I don't know why. Wonderful goals!

elizabeth said...

Yes. I struggle a lot with anxiety as well. I find it helpful to talk with my spiritual father about this.

Yes, I am really trying to keep these goals as well! Thank you so much for your comment...Juliana! :)