Thursday, August 13, 2009


I really like St. Teresa.

She is so beautiful and I love this picture.

I need to do some serious relaxing.

Still feeling under 100%

(maybe 75% with slight moaning)


I applied for another job today. Whew.

And hey, I won a necklace today.

What could be better?

(Okay I can think of something, but am going enjoy what I have instead).

They are driving a good 10 hours to see me.
Prayers for their travel appreciated.
I slept better last night
I still have a lot of cleaning to do.
But hey, don't we all?!


Mimi said...

Prayers indeed! I like Cleo with the book.

E Helena E said...

Prayers for their safe arrival and a wonderful time with them. Pace yourself with the cleaning...

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mimi - yeah, I like that picture too...

thank you E-H. Yes. Pacing myself. Check.