Monday, August 17, 2009

Special times with family

Saturday we had a wonderful brunch.

I had ordered bread from the bakery the night before -

a multi-grain walnut raisin bread.

I had been saving my extra special jam

from good friends for a few years

and shared it with my sister and brother in law.

We also had a special piece of chocolate

that is from the Lavra in Kiev.

We walked around the grounds of the Governor General's house.

The sun was really hot and

my favourite part was seeing the trees

and spending time with my sister and brother in law.

This would be a great tree for those who wish to climb them.
My sister and brother in law left this morning;
we had a really good time and some very meaningful conversations.
I am thankful for their visit
but sad that I do not get to see them more often.
They are good friends to me
and I would not trade my sister for anything!


RW said...

I am glad you had a good visit.
sharing food with friends is the best.

Michelle M. said...

That sounds like such a lovely time. I am sure they enjoyed it just as much as you did.