Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This and That

I finished reading The Brothers Karamazov.

I found parts of it hard going;

but it was worth it.

I am eating my vegetable soup faithfully.

Need some new recipe ideas however;

will be looking through my cookbooks.

I will be taking some workshops
on interviews, etc.
I am finding job searching to be a slow process
and it is emotionally difficult at times.
But compared to much of the world,
this difficulty is light indeed.
God help us all!


DebD said...

I also found BK hard going. I think it would be fun to read that book with an Orthodox book club (and with people who had read it and LOVED it)...if only I had the time. I hope the interviews keep coming - Praying.

elizabeth said...

Deb - thanks so much for your comment!

Yes, BK is not easy. I was very blessed to have Christians who loved BK, 2 of which are Orthodox, 1 Eastern Catholic and others who are well versed in various Christian traditions. This group helped give anchoring to a very unanchored summer. I am really greatful.

The interviews are not coming yet but I am taking a workshop on interviews...

I really appreciate your prayers. **Thank you very much**

Mimi said...

I keep thinking I need to pick up the newer translation - I have the old Garnett version.

Anyway, the vignettes I love, the overarching story, not so much.

Prayers for the interviews.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mimi! The version you read is also the one I read it from... I enjoyed both the monologues and the plot but found some parts hard going... I LOVED the ending...

oh, it seems that I am not being
clear. when I say the interviews are not yet, I mean that I don't have any interviews. I am taking a class on interviews.

Am welcome prayers that I GET interviews however!! :)