Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cleo, the Cutest Cat in Canada

I couldn't resist posting these pictures!

She's my little cute cat,

who likes to look at my innocently,

as if she can do no wrong.

For a cat she is pretty good,

but I have to tell her daily to not go on the kitchen table!

She listens within a few seconds, usually.
Did or do you have a pet who keeps your company
or makes you laugh?


E Helena E said...

Cleo is such a sweetheart and with a mischievous streak :-)
As you wrote, may God bless our cats.

margaret said...

She is soooooo deliciously furry.

Mine have to be supervised in the kitchen because it's the last refuge of the spider plants and Miss Darcy especially cannot resist a munch at them.

RW said...

Echo our Husky is unbelievably dimwitted sometimes.