Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Googlization of the Internet

You have to hand it to Google,
they have really
taken over.
This blog is on blogger - owned by Google.
I use their Picasa to send pictures and blog them.
I use their Google Calendar to write down my plans.
I use Gmail (GoogleMail) and Gmail Chat incessantly.
I had used Bloglines for years,
first using their blog format (gave that up some years back),
and used their Bloglines Feed
for keeping up with all of the blogs I read.
But Bloglines has been annoying me,
with their new ads and how they were turning into poor
adds with a bit too much skin showing
for my taste.
So I discovered Google Reader.
Much better.
They are faster, no annoying visual ads, give more stats, etc.
I am slowly migrating all of my feeds over,
as they come up with new items.
What Internet systems do you use?


margaret said...

I don't like Bloglines at all so I'm about to start using Google Reader on your recommendation :)

elizabeth said...

Enjoy! It has quirks, like people following you through this (I made mine private) if you click on 'share' in it.

I like it much better and bloglines is not doing well - often has problems on a daily basis.