Monday, August 31, 2009

Around the House

My sister brought me her phone,

since I accidentally fried mine.

These have been in the family for years.

Both of these were gifts,
a few years back.
I am slowly doing some networking.
It is not easy work - most people do not like it -
having to prove yourself
by regaling others of your past experience.
One step at a time...
I am enjoying a mystery book.
Once it is read,
I hope to do a short review.


DebD said...

love the teacups. I would hate to *have* to network. Must be very hard. Hugs.

Alana said...

I am a collector of teapots and have some fine china cups as well. Those of yours are gorgeous!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Deb. Well, it is not always easy.

Thanks Alana! I bet your collection is also very lovely!

Victoria said...

love the teacups.
hate networking.
looking forward to the book review.

E Helena E said...

I hear you about the networking! May good things come out of it. My prayers are with you daily.

elizabeth said...

thanks E-H.

Thanks V - yeah. networking not as fun! I look forward to writing the book review!

Mimi said...

I love the teacups too - I have one in my bathroom cabinet from Dh's grandmother.

And, I look forward to the review.