Friday, August 07, 2009

Eventful Days

I am still not finishing
cover letters
as soon as I wish to.
I will be going to some job searching training next week.
And I have a networking event.
So today I got my hair cut.
About 4 inches, so it is shortish again,
an above the shoulder bob.
I cut my bangs again when I got home!
A woman years ago told me the secret
to cutting one's own bangs
is to hold them out,
away from your face.
I had lunch with a friend,
dinner alone at Denny's
(I was fading and needing food)
and had talked to another dear friend before leaving
in search of a cheaper hair cut and such things.
I got an organizer for the different paperwork
for the jobs I am applying to.
It's red with stripes; very cute and inexpensive.
Tomorrow is a baptism of a lovely baby boy in my parish
and an evening chrismation of a friend
in the evening.
(Two different churches, both Orthodox).
So tomorrow will be busy and full.
I will have to pace myself,
as emotionally
the ambiguity of my current situation
is difficult - it's like an exam that is always in the distance
that feels like no matter what I do,
it stays looming and I feel just as unprepared
as the days before.
But God is prepared.
He is taking care of us, of you and me.
Remember the Lilies...
Your Father knows.


Michelle M. said...

I love reading your posts. They are always so honest and refreshing to read. I hope your day tomorrow is a beautiful one.

RW said...

I always get haircuts when I am in transition.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Michelle. Your comments always bring cheer to me!

RW - yes. this makes sense. It feels really good to have had this hair cut - transition is hard - and also I feel like I just want to be done with this past year and it's struggles - even though each year has it's struggles, I am still hoping for struggles that do not result in so many losses!

E Helena E said...

That's a good way of putting it...always like an exam hanging over you. But God is in control.
Many years to the newly illumined at both churches!

margaret said...

I hope the training and networking go well. A hair cut always improves morale (here we call bangs 'a fringe' and I could never cut mine right!) Covering letters are tedious but I think employers see standard ones as lack of interest so you'll just have to keep plugging away at them.

sarahlaughed said...

Amen, Elizabeth! Thanks for your example of faith and trust. It is a great comfort and encouragement to me.