Friday, August 14, 2009

Many Good Things

1. The Dormition Fast (old calendar) starts today
2. My Sister and Brother-in-law are on thier way to see me
3. I get to go to a 2 hour refresher session on cover letters and interviews
4. It is beautiful summer weather here.
I still feel like I could get a cold, but am hanging in there.
Meanwhile, I think I fried my portable phone.
It kind of fell into my sink when I was washing dishes.
This is actually fairly unfortunate since I am trying to save money.
But such is life and in the grand scheme of things,
this is not the end of anything serious
other than having to re-punch in phone numbers
when I get a new phone.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am glad you are sounding much better !

I hope you don't mind, but the weekend of 22Aug you will be prayed for at an Akathist in front of the relics of St Elizabeth the New Martyr when they are visiting a church in the UK :-)

RW said...

you are sounding a little more up beat.
I am glad you have family coming to visit.

elizabeth said...

Elizabeth! Wow. I am honoured and covet these prayers! I love St. Elisabeth very much and have a small icon of her in my room and a bookmark with her on it in my prayer book. We have a beautiful icon of her in my church here as well. Please yes, I would most like to be included. Thank you.

RW- yes. I am feeling better. I am losing my voice but am feeling less sick. Thanks. Yes. I am so glad they are coming too.

margaret said...

My friend is a cleaning supervisor in a hospital, once when she was cleaning a toilet on emergency cover her mobile phone slipped out of her top pocket and drowned. I am glad you will be prayed for at the relics of St Elizabeth. I sooo wanted to go when they were at the Russian cathedral in London but I just didn't have the money. She was certainly someone who knew hardship and very, very determined too. While I am here, may I ask your prayers for my priest, Fr Alexander, who has become unwell working too hard to take care of us all?

elizabeth said...

M-I have passed on your request.

I will keep your Fr. Alexander in my small prayers.

I know how hard this is.


your poor friend's cell phone! I am fortuante to have a corded emergency phone... as well as a cell phone...

DebD said...

Enjoy the visit with family! How fun. Hope you cold goes away before it gets too bad.

Michelle M. said...

I hope you enjoy your time with family and are able to stay healthy.

biss said...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window,
Can you pray for me, too? I'm another Elisabeth, and St. Elisabeth the New Martyr is my patron, and I covet her prayers, especially these days.

Athanasia said...

Do not discard the phone! It can be saved!

Take out the battery. Run a blow-dryer over it on low heat. Then let the phone sit open to the air to dry completely. Then put the battery back in. It may still work.

I did this with my boss' phone when she dumped it in water. She did not want to take a chance that it would not work so bought I new one. I gave it to my son who used it for years.

elizabeth said...

Yeah... thanks Phillipa - this may have worked... the phone was working but then (I assume now that it had not dried out all the way) I put it on the charger and fried it! It is dead and gone - lights up but no dial tone, nothing read digitally on the screen...

elizabeth said...

Thanks Deb and Michelle for your good wishes!

Biss, I have passed on your message! :)