Monday, August 17, 2009

Moving Towards Something

When my sister and brother in law were visiting,
we went sight seeing.
It was hot. I had a headache by the end, as did my sister.
We just missed the bus back downtown.
But my sister had researched the area
and sure enough,
there was a waterfall just steps past the bus stop.
So we missed the bus
but saw
a waterfall.

Life has detours and unexpected things....

God has given us a lot of beauty to see as well.
I think in September I am going to
or try to
take a part time French course,
to see how it goes.
Maybe this will be the waterfall that I need to see
but could easily miss
by waiting at the bus stop in the heat of the day.


Mimi said...


Meadowlark Days said...

I agree - good reminder! It looks like you had a good visit with your sis - your brunch looked very delicious. I hope to make zucchini bread today, if I make it to the store for flour!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Worth missing the bus in order to see the waterfall :-)

RW said...

we are all on the journey together.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mimi!

Yes...Meadowlark.. I had a great visit with my Sis! I hope you were able to make your bread... I love Z.bread, esp. if it has chocolate chips in it...

Yes, E it was worth seeing and missing the bus...

and thanks RW for the reminder that we are in this together; sometimes I feel alone in it and really appreciate the reminder.