Monday, August 27, 2018

Well, it's been a DAY

Updates I wrote earlier:

What a DAY. Here's the latest:
1. I knew I had a cataract in the right eye. Seems that it grew. I could read a bit better today though still a bit off. If I can live with this/it's not as bad as it was yesterday, then I just have to monitor my vision and see my ophthalmologist again in 3 months (instead of the normal 6 months). If my eye does not get better/my reading vision is still blurry, then I need to have cataract surgery. So we will see. My eyes were dilated today so I can't tell how I am doing reading wise.
2. My Husband thankfully was home this afternoon and heard something strange. He investigated and found that our hot water heater had sprung a LEAK. PSE&G came out and turned off the gas (husband already turned off the water). So we need to buy a new water heater  .... Husband is currently driving to Lowes to get a long hose in hopes that we can drain the water heater into the bathtub so that we can do 2 things: 1. sleep a full night -- the water heater is slowly leaking still and it had almost over flowed it's silver 'bowl' onto the floor, which means it would of leaked into our neighbour's below us!  !!!! 2. If the hose drain plan works, we can go to liturgy tomorrow morning... as planned... if not (our far-away church is over 1 hour drive), we will have to stay home.... can't afford to have it leak into our floor and our neighbour's ceiling!
We are currently trying to find someone who can install a tankless water heater!
Please pray for us!
Talk about temptations (i.e. unexpected challenges) right before a Feast day!
ps: on the trip home... also I was almost to Grove Street where I get off the PATH train when we were all kicked off at Newport instead because of something breaking. So then I took light rail and then walked the last 12 minutes. !! so I was gone from 1 PM till after 7 PM and had forgotten to bring food.... thankfully ordered takeout that was delivered and waiting for me when I did get home after 7 PM!

Good news is that the hose is working to drain the 72 gal water heater. Bad news is not knowing when we will get hot water again.... well, one day at a time...right?


I was so thankful to have my favourite re-reads with me, 
The Young Unicorns.
I was thankful for my morning pot of tea.
Today was a very tiring day for both my Husband and I
and we are really running on empty it feels
and do ask for any prayers that can be offered! 


Tracy said...

Goodness, Elizabeth... I'm so sorry to hear about what's happening with your cataracts. I do hope you'll not have to have surgery. :/ Hot water... we need it, and it's good to have, but sometimes it's not always easy having it/keeping it... LOL! Hoping all will be well there, and you can get the hot water heater sorted. LOTS of prayers flying your way! GOD is GOOD! :) ((HUGS))

2016lillies said...

Dear Elizabeth, I also hope you will not need the surgery.However, a [person close to our family who had it has now excellent sight.On the water front now, I also get panicked and hate it when issues with the house occur.I am so lucky though that my husband is fearless with these things and always arranges and supervises the process. I'm so thankful to him.It seems that you are on the right path to fix the problem. The positive side will be that you appreciate hot water even more!Ha!Ha!

karen said...

praying for you and your eyes E! It seems like stuff happens all at once all at the same time to try our strength and patience.

Lisa said...

You walked twelve minutes in this heat? I'm glad you're home now - glad it's only a cataract. :)

Juliana said...

So sorry for all this! I hope today was better. It was nice to see you this morning!

I will say about the tankless water heater (we have one). Don't do it. There are so many annoying things about it that are hardly counterbalanced by the fact that you never run out of hot water. If you do dishes, for example you have to keep the water running the whole time or you lose the hot water right away. Ditto the shower--it is very difficult to get "warm" water, instead of hot unless you have the temperature setting on a high heat, which has it's own risks of burns. I feel like I waste a lot of water because of our tankless. We've had problems with the lighter over the years and other futzy things too and had to wait one time for 2 weeks in February with no hot water and a stomach bug making the rounds of the house. Super fun times.

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm glad that your eyes and cataract are being monitored by a good doctor!

These household maintenance/repair situations never come at a good time :-( When one is already very busy, they can seem like the "last straw." You and your husband are blessed to have each other for support and encouragement!

Blessed Feast of the Dormition, and of the Beheading of the Baptist!