Sunday, August 05, 2018

Sunday in early August

Liturgy was a real blessing and encouragement! 

Vespers for the Feast of Transfiguration!
Since we go to a new calendar and old calendar church,
but do everything on the old calendar,
I forgot that tomorrow is the feast and had something
scheduled since July for me tomorrow in NYC so
I will miss it... so it is... 
just so much going on that 
I can't always keep everything 

My craft closet has been bugging me... too disorganized and messy!
Well, this afternoon I took out all of my 
craft paper/cards/stationary/stamps/craft supplies for kids crafts boxes
and had them on our island and kitchen table, 
while my Husband wrote cards, 
and it was a pretty impressive mess but I got a bunch of gallon sized
zipper plastic bags and organized cards into categories, writing with a sharpie marker.
I know there are probably fancier ways to do this, but this way I spent
no more money on organizing boxes etc and got the project done!
Now Christmas/Birthday/Thank you/other Holidays/blank cards/stationary/post cards
are all organized by type and easy to get to in boxes! 
While I was doing all this, I had a white bag with pens in it, 
that I had on the dining room table and Mr Husband looked at it and 
then I looked more carefully and there they were
my three fountain pens that I used in my early 20s in my undergraduate years 
at TWU in BC Canada back in the late 1990s... 20 years ago now...
I had been missing these pens and actually looked to buy a fountain pen but did not see
any I liked when I was looking and wishing that I knew where mine were...!
So I was very happy to find these! 
A bonus was that the reorganization made some boxes free to be reused and I have
fabric that needs proper housing so this will work well
 and help the closet to become much more usable!
Ironically, this organization means that the card I meant to make today
did not happen, but at least now future card writing will be easier.
And between some pens I bought (before finding my fountain pens) and 
my fountain pens, I will be well stocked for writing in journals and
cards and letters... so that is a blessing!
I am really wishing I could get back to crafting (essay writing/research/sewing) 
but life has a way of keeping me from that, but at least I am doing something
and also reading... books are such a blessing...
And we have a lot of church (local) this week and that also is 
something I am grateful for. 


Becki said...

Elizabeth, I like the idea of organizing cards into plastic bags. That will keep them nice and clean, and organized perfectly. I think sometimes we (general we) focus on the look of the organization more than the functionality of it and well... for me, I can get bogged down in the first thing if I'm not careful, and what I end up with isn't as functional as it could be. Ordering your cards as you have, if another system ends up being preferred you're ready to move right into it.

Your whole post has me wanting to send someone a card. A thing I often think of doing, but like you say about crafting... life has a way of keeping some of these pleasant, yet simple things from happening.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Becki!!! That is really encouraging! I must say, I am so glad that I got this closet reorganized, it's so much better and we will have a much easier time finding cards to send to others! We try to do birthdays of family at least once every month and often need 5 or more cards, so this really will be a great practical help!