Monday, August 13, 2018

A Monday of Cleaning House (and new appreciation for what I have been given)

Well, I read various things today, more life-giving and peaceful.
I read some things online and realize anew how, for myself, 
I really need to stay within what I have and 
that various dreams of mine 
(like years ago my dream at 18 of being a professor or later
dreaming of being a famous writer) would have been so 
destructive to me.  Truly.  When I had those dreams,
I did not know/understand/comprehend the society that 
was out there and how destructive it can be and 
how, knowing who I am and am made to be, it would have
only brought me farther and farther away from 
who I am, away from places I did not know then
that would give peace, healing and a home for my self, 
where I could endeavour to have a house for my soul.
Well, I got another DE Stevenson book today in the mail
and 4 Miss Read books! 
Tonight is the last night/day for feasting for us on the Julian (old) calendar,
the Dormition Fast begins tomorrow! 
My house is clean again, I got lots of laundry done, 
it rained a lot in the morning.
I am really seeing the seasons begin to shift.
I still have the same struggles that I blogged about yesterday but
the video I am putting below reminded me of
how I really have found a spiritual home in the
Orthodox Church and, while I have not been in the church
in this video (though I know at least by sight many of the people in it),
and how this home is a place of great beauty, healing and protection
in a world that is full of hurt, confusion and pain, to say the least. 
I really do hope that I get to write essays again.
I want to share more on the hope I have been given, the hope I see
and the hope I am still learning about,
in what I see and have been given in the Church. 
Anyway, here's the video:


Angie said...

Hello Elizabeth
I thought the other day during the Divine Liturgy how much of a shelter this orthodox faith has become .
How different is the thinking of the world but still I can relate more deeply and meaningfully with the people. The transformation that takes place inside my soul is a mystery that brings results in every day life and for me this is a miracle.
Tomorrow is Dormition Day and the last day of fast and a big celebration in my parish which is named after Panagia .I find the way you talk about your past dreams very true .

Unknown said...

Hello Elizabeth,

This post resonates so much,I searched for 15 years but no other church called me like the Catholic Church;the fact(as in your church) that all services are the same world wide was mind blowing.
My faith journey has not been without bumps in the road,but my friend summarised it "the church has given me more over the years than I ever think I have given the church."
We all find our own spiritual home,but when we do,what a joyful comfort.C.S.Lewis has so much to say regarding this.
Relish your clean home and delivered books!

Love and best regards,
Ann Marie