Thursday, August 16, 2018

So many things

I enjoyed one of my new teas.
It's nice... fruity... I enjoyed it... it's not yet my new
all time fave but I liked it.... smooth... 
I think I will love it when I can have it with milk and a bit of 
milk chocolate... must remember post-fast :) 

Well, I learned of something that happened in the world
that just knocked me into grief...
nothing that is about my immediate family or circle of friends,
but that nonetheless was quite painful, shocking reallly.

But sometimes pain and grief/shock can lead 
to good and I began reading the above book on being a healing presence 
and it's very powerful
and full of kindness and wisdom... 

Prayed this Akathist, it is a wonderful one and often helps me
when times are difficult.

My Husband and I are reading some treasured new books.
I love watching him read Malory.
I am not actually reading the At Home in Thrush Green book yet
as I am reading them in order and am currently on
Battles At Thrush Green.
I am going to try to read more of the Healing Presence book though,
esp. as it's good to do during a fast and it seems like the perfect book for me
to ponder and be feed by right now. 
Try, try again, right?
The Healing Presence book is challenging me -
in a remarkably loving, kind way, to keep trying to carve out 
a routine that includes silence/stillness and prayer,
as much as one is able. 
I find this book salutary and comforting.
Well, tomorrow I am already DV planning on having a nice pot of 
English Breakfast tea with my breakfast.
And in the early afternoon I have a trip into NYC.
I am slowly working on some paperwork,
plus cleaning all of our lampadas (oil lamps by icons),
long overdue.
Also lots of dishes.  And trying to get clutter, as usual, under control.
And so the days go 
and I pray that we all go with God's mercy
and seeking His mercy...


Tracy said...

Wow... that quote on anger/grief is a stunner! I sat a moment with that one... It's interesting how sometimes emotions masquerade as something else, but if we dig deep enough, take the time, we make some important discoveries. I must Dr Rossi's book to my reading list! I really enjoy his podcast on AF. Wonderful reading you have lined up... which reminds me, I should share a book post soon, haven't done that all summer. Somehow summer has flown so fast! And as the days go, my God have mercy on us all... God Bless you, my friend ((HUGS))

Elizabethd said...

Miss Read's books are very comforting...England as it used to be.

Pom Pom said...

I want to read more Miss Read books, too. I think I drink more tea when the weather turns. Cozy.

2016lillies said...

It seems that good books and praying akathists help you a lot during your trials.I admire how you hang in there and count your blessings.

elizabeth said...

Tracy ~ thanks! Yes, I know, that quote is so powerful! I should listen to his podcast!!! I look forward to hearing what you are reading!!!

Elizabethd - yes, Miss Read's books are so comforting; I wish England was still as it was.

PomPom - me too!!! Yes, I see that with tea!

2016lilies - yes, they really do help when times are hard... thanks so much for your encouragement!

karen said...

love that quote, thank you for sharing it!! You set the prettiest tea tables :)