Tuesday, August 07, 2018

A quiet day at home (and a trip to the pool in the morning)

It was wonderful to be home today.
I did go to the pool and did 8 lazy laps....
Laundry is done, dried, folded, put away.
Lots of dishes were washed.
More things put in their place.
Made a meal of spegettie that we enjoyed.
Talked to my Grandma and she reminded me 
of something in such a wonderful way,
when we were talking about the unbloggable difficulties
at present: we go through hard times - through them - we don't 
stay there in them - but pass on through them. 
A good reminder.  And about God as our Heavenly Father
who loves us and gives us strength... 
Saw this on social media today...
Many of us who have listened to Ancient Faith Radio 
know the voice of the now newly reposed +Kevin Allen
and this essay he wrote, as he faced his illness that he knew 
he would not overcome on this earth,
is powerful and very worth reading,
and re-reading.


Elizabethd said...

Your grandmother is so wise. It had never occurred to me that you actually do go through things rather than becoming stuck in them. Words I need at the minute.

elizabeth said...

Elizabeth, I needed those words too. She really has a lot of wisdom.

Angie said...

Your grandma 's attitude is very christian so integrated into her personality and how good to be reminded often!