Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Varied Friday

The end of this one (above) is something I am still
pondering... in a new way, as I've read this one so many times,
but now thinking about how my life fits, what I have given up
and how life is now...

I've been noticing a lot of L'Engle's dialouge and how
much applicability, wisdom and prescient it is.

I enjoyed this (and then walked it off by walking
a good hour in NYC streets in the heat)....

All of the above is from NYC public library.

The good:

1. I walked an hour in NYC.  I also have figured out what to wear on such
hot days: cotton, flowy just over the knee length skirts, sandals, hat and sun glasses.
And lots of water to drink.
2. I had an ice cream cone and Indian food.
3.3. I went to the NYC public library where I journaled and read my re-read
of L'Engle's Young Unicorns which I thought was esp. fun because
it takes place in NYC and I was in NYC reading it.
The book was published 50 years ago this year (1968-2018) and I have loved this book
for over 20 years now (1996 I think is when I got it).
4. I am understanding NYC streets (i.e. not getting lost) and public transportation
better and better and that pleases me. 
5. Some good conversations today.
6. Hot water for dishes, dishwasher and bath.
7.  God's mercy 

The struggle:

 Just trying to figure out various parts of our unbloggable
and what to do.
Sometimes anxiety creeps up a bit much. 

The hope:

1. For better times
2. For much wished for maturity that is only hard-won through struggles. 
3. On a simple fun level, I hope to read more Miss Read books soon... :) 

What I am thankful for:

1. Food and Tea.  As I get older just enjoying good food...
2. Books! So many joys and worlds to visit!
3. That I have good eye doctors (going to look at my eye prescription tomorrow).
4. Quiet... and quietness... both are a blessing... I am reading a lovely gentle book
that is reminding me of how important quietness is... 
5. Our home and creature comforts like a comfortable bed, perfectly fitting cotton socks (seriously!), good clothes for the seasons of cold and heat, and the seasons...


Tracy said...

Good things, fun times, and counting one's blessings soothes life when the road feels extra bumpy... :) God Bless you my friend, as you keep walking with Him ((HUGS))

karen said...

praying for you and your unbloggable stuff. My anxiety is through the roof and it's definitely not fun. Hugs to you :)

2016lillies said...

Dear Elizabeth problems are there to strenthen us.It' s easier to say so forgive me.It was ment as a reminder.What I do is confess and have the Holy Communion. It's a medicine for the body and the soul.
You are lucky that you can stroll in NY.A legendary place to us in Europe. And I agree with you, the older I get The more I appreciate food but not the kilos I pile up together with husband.Ha!Ha!

GretchenJoanna said...

Hot water, quiet, books, God's mercy.... You have posted some good reminders. We are swimming in blessings!