Thursday, August 23, 2018

Nearly Friday in weeks that fly by nearly unseen in their quickness

Well hello dear friends!
Another week, nearly done.
Well, tomorrow the plan is to go to NYC if possible.
I've had some good reading this week.
Miss Read books and a bit more of Kristin Lavensdatter and 
I started this one because I needed to know if I want
to stock more for our church bookstore
(it's a book written by a man who goes to the same
Orthodox jurisdiction that we go to) and so far, it's really good.
I do hope I can write more about this book soon.
Meanwhile, we went out for Indian tonight and bought some
groceries at the upscale grocer we go to on occasion. 
The Indian was good, though the rice and the bread in the first picture
was, well, too bland.  The actual food was great though. I call it a win.
It's going to be a busy few days now, with church this weekend
and the Feast of Dormition on Tuesday, etc.


Tracy said...

Where do the days go, the time??!!... I wonder that too--often! LOL... Oh, the Indian food looks good. We've not had Indian in a while. My aging body/digestive system doesn't seem to do well with much spices these days, which is a pity as I love spicy food. Spice, in moderation, maybe... ;) Kristin Lavransdatter is such a GOOD story!! There is film based on the book, but I've not seen it. Sometimes I just like book, don't need to see film. The Song of Sirin isn't a book I've heard of before. I hope you can share more about. I think hubby would like that one! Hope you are having a good day in NYC... and wishing you a BLESSED weekend ahead with worship and rest. :) With LOVE, in Christ--Tracy ((HUGS))

Lisa Richards said...

Yes, time is whizzing by! The food looks good! I have the Kristin Lavrensdatter trilogy on my shelves. I know a lot of folks have said good things about it. I'll get to it eventually. Have a great weekend!

karen said...

I'm hoping this week is better (ha ha!) My husband cooks curry and he tries really hard to not make it spicy and I still cough here and there from the hotness!

GretchenJoanna said...

That plate of food looks like the food we ate in India, where that type of menu is called Gujarati Thali, after the state Gujarat that is famous for it. The people of Gujarat have a reputation for being stricter Hindus than many, and therefore have lots of vegetarian options.