Sunday, August 19, 2018

Feast of Holy Transfiguration

We were at our far-away church this Sunday!
It was such a blessing to be there
and have some nice talks at the coffee hour.
I was able to find my vegan creamer this weekend +
there was our favourite kombucha in the big bottles.
It felt like everything in this small event (grocery shopping) was 
going right, all we hoped to find was there.
We had potatoes and onions with breaded fish sticks for a festive meal
and watched another Walton's episode. 
I had a few hard days where I was struggling to get
outside of difficult emotions,
sad/anxious and I am doing much better now.
I finished another Miss Read book and am really
appreciating them. 
I am so thankful for this peaceful day.


Lisa Richards said...

Thanks for reminding me I need coffee creamer, lol! I think our library discarded all of their Miss Read books. Oh, man! Right now I'm working my way through Julie Klassen's Christian historical romances. Just one now and then. She wrote a LOT of them! Hope you're feeling better. I had a bout of depression a little while back. It can be very debilitating (spelling?). The Lord is with us! :) Hugs.

Becki said...

I hope you're doing well today, Elizabeth. I want to let you know I wandered over to your essays blog (I just noticed it for the first time on your profile), and I read the story about how you met your husband. What a faith-filled story! So glad you shared it.

Tracy said...

What BEAUTIFUL images from your holy day celebration, Elizabeth! How beautiful all those baskets of food for blessing... And how delicious your fish sticks, potatoes and onions...YUM! Sometimes simple just tastes the very best. Miss Read is idea reading when the world feels too much, and the heart is very full... Happy you are feeling a bit lighter at the moment. One day at a time. ;) God Bless you, my friend ((HUGS))