Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Today is the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God and it was beautiful

Good things about today...
1. We went to church this AM and it was really nice... 
2. Had delicious Middle Eastern dinner platter for lunch with my beloved Husband 
(beef, lamb, delicious rice and grilled vegetables!) 
3. Cake and Ice Cream!
4. We went to our local church tonight for vespers and that was really nice
5. We watched a Walton's episode tonight
6. Amazon Prime One Day shipping.  
So we don't have hot water quite yet -- because of the broken hot water heater -- 
so I had my dish gloves on and went to pick up the kettle of hot water. 
OOPS.  Melted finger off glove, ack!!! 
So new gloves (and new dish towels) come tomorrow.  Both needed! 
7. I had tea with MILK.
8. Because our local church is on the 'new' calendar,
 there's liturgy tomorrow and I hope to go.  That is a blessing! 
9. I have leftovers to enjoy tomorrow, which is wonderful given
 that I don't want to cook without hot water to easily clean everything.
10.  I have a wonderful valiant beloved Husband.

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Martha said...

The flowers on Dormition are so nice. Mmmm! Tea with milk.