Thursday, August 09, 2018

St Herman's Day vespers and liturgy, card crafts, Miss Read and Pizza

Vespers last night and Liturgy this morning (on the new calendar)
for St Herman, my first Saint...
Always so beautiful!
I've done a lot of card and letter writing this week.
Also found my first DV recipe for Christmas baking.
Made my goddaughter her 4th birthday card. 
Now I need to prepare her present and get it mailed!
Made pizza for today and tomorrow (Mr Husband's idea) so that
today we feast and tomorrow (Friday) we fast.
We went on a walk tonight.
Cleo has been enjoying this bag (above) for over a week now. :)
Mr Husband and I have had some at-home dates watching The Waltons 
while eating dinner.  (We are sure to get talking in too of course,
communication is paramount in a marriage...)
I am loving the Thrush Green series and hope to continue reading
(I need to get some more books so I read in order). 
So peaceful and nourishing, Miss Read's books on Thrush Green. 
I have much to be thankful for in this season in my life. 


Tracy said...

How PRETTY all your card makings! And such beautiful church photos. The pizza looks delicious...mmm... I admire your start on Christmas baking, even if just gathering ideas! And how sweet Miss Cleo in her shopping bag... haha! The Miss Read books are such good, sweet reading--the perfect "antidote" to all the modern cares. :) God bless you & yours, my friend ((HUGS))

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have most of the Thrush Green/Fairacre books, and they are such a delight!

I had to laugh at dear Cleo having fun with the bag :-)

Kelly Roy said...

Hello Elizabeth, I was so touched to read your comment on my blog today☺.I still find it hard to believe that someone so far away finds a bit of interest in my ramblings.
I had missed the quiet special rhythm of your everyday life. There is something very calming and peaceful in your everyday doings.I especially liked the photos from the church and how devoted of a godmother you are in the real meaning of the word.