Friday, August 17, 2018

Some accomplishments, progress and hope that comes there within

I need new vegan creamer... this morning tea needed a bit of umph 
and my creamer, it seems, is past due in age... hopefully will get one soon :) 

Swimming today... was good... I love being in water and in the sunshine...
and my sweet Husband got some Kombucha for me in NYC.
I ended up not going into NYC today, needed to be home.
It meant that I got to talk to my sister-friend and that was quite lovely,
and most needed!

After 2 years, I FINALLY got the lampadas (oil lamps by icons) 
totally cleaned - oil changed out, each saucer and lampada clean, 
lots of new (or strained with cheese cloth) oil in them.
I had them all lit today.
Some were long overdue; it's just with last summer's bedrest and then the rest of the this
year having so many varied difficulties + travel, 
I was never able to do them.
So I am so very glad they are now clean.

Isn't that quotation wonderful?
It's from the Healing Presence book.

I finally got our home more or less clean and less cluttered.
That's a relief. 
I've been tired today, feeling a bit wrung out, 
as if yesterday was spent weeping and today
was the day after, with that tired emotionally drained feeling.
But I know that I can have better days ahead.
Grief means adjusting to 'new normal' and I do have some 
new grieving to do and that will take time. 
But I am also determined to find thankfulness, 
for I have more blessings than troubles and when I look at 
my pictures of my days, I see so many blessings.
My Husband was a sweetheart and picked up 
takeout for dinner... 
That was a real blessing to me!
I am hoping for a weekend with church family and 
more tea, quietness and preserving a now clean home...
of course more clean laundry needs to be put away and more washed...
but the kitchen is much cleaner, dishes are no longer piled up
(I did 2 loads yesterday and 1 the night before and 1 today...)
And I am so very thankful for all of this.


2016lillies said...

I am so happy you finally make some progress with your house cleaning. It can be so soul draining this constant occupation with household.But house things have to be done.One thing that helped me trementously was to seriously and massively declutter my house. Moving houses certainly helped but I was on this decluttering journey long before.
I so like the quote! So true!It's such a breeze to talk with like minded people! Have a nice weekend with your beloved ones.

Lisa said...

Yes, that is a wonderful quote!! I have often felt when I've been sick, that being forced to be quiet and unoccupied is an opportunity for being still, that wouldn't have happened otherwise. (although I never want to be sick!)