Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Standing, Standing...and walking! and baking!

I got the shoe lift yesterday in the mail,
after PT and I have been mainly walking without crutches 
ever since.... (it is still painful at times but worth it).
So today I baked for the first time!
A bit of a small one bowl wonder recipe! 
I hope to bake another on soon!
And the toaster oven = not so hot house!
I also did a card and origami puppy dog for a 
young sweet girl I know! 
And tonight I went to vespers for St Herman
*by myself* 
(took a cab there...that's often how I got there pre-injury).
So that was quite wonderful.
I go back to PT again tomorrow.
My foot muscles are still really tight/stiff.
Lots of work yet to be done.
And hopefully I get a better air cast/boot soon too, 
been having some problems with the one I have.
Husband brought me home 3 roses!
Don't they look so pretty with my new table runner
from my quilting-friend?
It's so nice to have some good things to report today!


Tracy said...

Oh, this is HAPPY! So glad to see you baking and making again, Elizabeth! :) And so brave to go to/attend vespers on your own--that was bit too! Sending prayers and good hopes for your physical therapy to go well. Those roses are so lovely... It's nice when dear husbands are sweet like that. ;) The table runner your friend make is just sooo beautiful. I aspired to such quilting & stitching! HAPPY DAYS...With LOVE, In Christ ((HUGS))

karen said...

so happy you are walking and standing! This has been such a long journey for you. I hope you continue to heal and improve!!

Paula said...

You sound so happy! That makes me glad. May you get lots more baking done :)

Nancy said...

So good to hear you're getting out and about and baking. It must feel good, even if it's still difficult at this point.

GretchenJoanna said...

So glad for you!

I laughed to read about the Nothing Muffins.